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Duffle coat is an unspoken symbol which every Englishman knows. In a detailed infographics we show the features of the duffle coat structure and tell interesting facts about its origin and popularity with different population strata of the UK.

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The duffle coat, as well as many other fashionable pieces of clothing nowadays, came from military clothes. Its excellent qualities probably helped to win a lot of battles — this amazing coat warmed, protected from whims of severe weather and united a great number of soldiers.

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The British, like residents of any country with a rich and long history, have traditions for every occasion. There are traditional cuisine and beverages and also traditional time for them, there are traditional hairstyle, head wears and attires.

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The duffle coat, a unique woolen coat for autumn-winter season, was originally created by men and for men. But after a while the duffle coat as many other elements of clothes.

TAGS: History / Interesting Facts

The history of the duffle coat numbers many decades, but over all these years the coat has retained all its excellent qualities. No doubt that the progress goes on and the duffle coat has undergone certain improvements.

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