A genuine tweed suit is heavy, rough and hard therefore it resists very good cold winds, rain, dank fog and even frost. Continental tweed suits in European style are softer and plainer; they can have elbow pads from hard leather, leather buttons and sometimes a lining at the full length of trousers to protect legs from touch with prickly wool. Modern cut of the tweed suit is also very different from the original British style because the true tweed suit has three buttons, a slit from the rear of the jacket, pockets cut out skew, tight trousers without a lining and without gathers. Usual material is rough greeny-brown pane checked tweed. Truly speaking it reminds of a carpet by touch but it is thick like a carpet and, consequently, hardly let wind or moisture in.

Tweed suits can be worn both outside and inside. With ever increasing frequency men, who are obliged to wear a formal suit, choose a little modified variants of the original tweed suit. These days tweed is preferred by professors, creative thinkers and free artists.

In the English shop you can get an original tweed suit, which would be appropriate on the horse race, fields chilled through by the wind and during hunting. If you need a suit to these effects, you can’t find anything more pertinent than genuine British tweed.

Tweed wares are a perfect way to diversify your clothes with practical things that can be worn almost throughout the year. If you need a practical elegant stylish and reliable fashion item, which could be your favourite and serve you very long, it’s worth to pay attention to tweed clothes.

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