U-shaped locks Bicycle: the main advantages of using this tool

Market anti-theft tools for bikes at the moment, capable of hitting anyone wanting to purchase items of this nature to ensure the safety of your bike against theft.

Among the many various devices designed to discourage theft of two-wheeled vehicles, U-shaped valsamon enjoys a fairly stable popularity. And the reasons for this level of demand quite a lot.

First, valsamon U-lock has a high level of protection against mechanical cracking: the arc of these locks are resistant to various kinds of cutters, grinders and other bench tools. In addition, such devices usually possess a decent level of encryption, so not at all easy to break. The working parts of the locking mechanisms is resistant to drilling and the effects of cold, therefore, also are not of particular interest to experienced thieves, who would prefer to leave your bike alone in search of a more affordable goal.

But all these positive traits are inherent, of course, only qualitative models of known manufacturers. Acquiring a cheap copy of dubious origin, to count on such benefits will be difficult.

bike Locks U-lock: some of the shortcomings of anti-theft mechanisms of this type

At the same time, shaped valsamon still has some features that cannot be attributed to the positive. The fact is that / bike U-lock are a little more bulky and much less convenient to carry in comparison with the same cables. In addition, the handle of such anti-theft devices are not allows you to attach the vehicle to the static objects with a large diameter poles, trees and other. To attach the bike to the u lock will have to look for a more suitable place for this procedure: bike Parking, handrails, stairs or any other place, are thus on one level with the vehicle.

Applying U-lock bike lock, you will not be able to simultaneously ensure the fastening and the second wheel of the bike. Therefore, in order to reduce the probability that an unprotected wheel is simply removed and stolen, it is recommended to use a cable or chain suitable length for fixing to the main lock or the bike frame.

Many cyclists, however, opt for this kind of locks even in spite of these shortcomings, preferring to put up with relative discomfort for the sake of high level anti-theft protection of their property.

we can buy high quality and cheap Bicycle lock U-lock

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In addition to standard models, we can also purchase a U-shaped lock with alarm system, whose advantage is additional protection from thieves, which is to supply loud beep when you try to pick the lock, or take your vehicle. The use of such a device is more appropriate, if you have to permanently leave your bike out of sight. The price of such models is also sufficiently available, especially given the high level of product quality.

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