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Original Montgomery Lined Pea Coat Charcoal
Churchill Reefer Pea Coat 7690 Black
Churchill Reefer Pea Coat 7690 Navy
Original Montgomery Lined Pea Coat Navy

Jackets exist since 19th century. Firstly they were seamen’s clothes in Great Britain and in the USA. Gradually, these coats became a part of wardrobe of the civils. Customers like them for their versatility and comfort. Besides, many people like their original look: jackets are double-breasted and have buttons with engraved anchors. Today these clothes are produced by many companies but we recommend production of British brands, which preserve high quality and English production: Gloverall and Original Montgomery.

Majority of men can wear a jacket as a versatile coat. It cannot be called formal and it doesn’t match to some suits. However, this jacket looks well with typical modern casual clothes. It can be worn with jeans, chinos, pants of woolen flannel. If you choose to combine the pea coat with a jacket or a suit, check, if the jacket under the pea coat. Avoid models of thin fabrics and typically summer fabrics like 100% linen.

Men's Pea Coats and Reefers

Pea coats and Reefer men's models — an elegant fashion

For those who want to try on more austere and classic look than a traditional one we present men’s Pea Coat and Reefer models. Such models were extremely popular during World War II. Moreover, a coat of such style was worn by none other than Winston Churchill.

Men's Pea coat and Reefer — general style

Our range of coats includes such models as Pea Coat by Original Montgomery and Reefer by Gloverall and British Duffle. Practically all these models are double-breasted except the Royal Oak Pea Coat by Original Montgomery.

Men’s Pea Coat and Reefer models are about 89 cm long. This type of a coat is made of 70% high-quality wool. Depending on the model, the lining is made of viscose, silk or satin.

Pea coat and Reefer — distinguishing features

The coat has a turn-down collar, outside and inside pockets, and fastens with six or eight toggles in two lines or three toggles in one line (Original Montgomery Royal Oak Pea Coat model). Most of models have adjustable cuffs and an additional fastener under the throat. These coats don’t have a hood.

The colour spectrum of models offers restrained shades as navy blue, dark-grey and black. Depending on the model, the coat has two slash pockets, or two slash and two patch ones. The collar is turned up in order to protect the neck against the wind.

Men’s Pea Coat and Reefer models are made of specially steamed-stripped woolen fibers that allow them to remain watertight in damp weather. Such coat can be the ideal choice for the fall season, when it is already cold in a trench coat, but for a duffle coat it is still early.

Pea Coat and Reefer coats have a strict classic silhouette, but at the same time they create a unique original style. An elegant image is guaranteed — make no doubt about it.

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