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Navy London Tradition Duffle coat Martin SLM Middle Navy
London Tradition Duffle coat Martin SLM Middle Navy
Navy Original Montgomery Short Hackney Classic Duffle Coat Navy
Original Montgomery Short Hackney Classic Duffle Coat Navy

It is recommended to buy short men’s duffle coats from the brands, who appreciate quality uppermost. Among these brands London Tradition and Original Montgomery must be mentioned. Their production can be bought in our shop; it is produced in England and has good value for money. The great share of the compound is wool, and the accessories are made of durable natural materials, buffalo horn and cow skin. Compact hood protects from snow and rain.

Men's Short Duffle Coats

Men's short duffle coat — a new kind of classic

Fashion is changing with the times and even classic has to adapt to a modern life rhythm. Thus a duffle coat, so beloved by young creative people, becomes more comfortable for a crazy rush of city life.

Men's short duffle coat with hood as a comfortable choice

Many people like the duffle coat for its stylish look, an ability to keep warmth and protect against the wind, snow and rain. But in urban conditions a classic duffle coat may not be as much convenient, especially for fashionable young men: knee length duffle coats give massiveness to some people, others may feel uncomfortable.

We offer men’s short duffle coats especially for lovers of active lifestyle. All the attractive characteristics are packed in one perfected form. A short duffle coat with hood creates a well-shaped and actual look which will suit any fashionable man of any age. Such a coat won’t cause any problems even for the most active and indefatigable person.

Men's short duffle coat — design peculiarities

Both classic and short duffle coats are made of pure wool. In our catalogue you can find duffle coats made by Original Montgomery where both right side and lining are made of 70% Italian wool.

A short duffle coat fastens with three horn toggles made of bull horn and three leather hasps. There is also a neat hood and two outside patch pockets and an inside wallet pocket. The coat is 85 cm in length.

Since men’s short duffle coats are made mainly for young people, so the colours differ a bit from the classic colouring. Besides traditional navy blue, camel and black, there are brighter colours as daring red and deep olive as well. The lining has a tartan pattern which goes with the colour of the right side.

Warmth, comfort in any conditions, an incredibly stylish look. The men’s short duffle coat will give all that to you. It is definitely worth trying!

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