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Original Montgomery Womens Lined Pea Coat Charcoal
Original Montgomery Womens Lined Pea Coat Navy

Women’s Pea coat and Reefer — austere style

Pea coat and Reefer are great purchase for the autumn season. Not so long ago only men could wear this piece of clothing item, but now we are happy to present you women’s Pea and Reefer models.

Women's Pea Coat and Reefer — General style

Pea coat and Reefer are rather short austere double-breasted coat of a straight cut with a turn-down collar and front pockets. The models in our catalogue have eight front buttons in two rows and (optional) an additional collar fastener.

Deep dark shades prevail in the Pea coat and Reefer: for example, navy blue, grey and black. Women’s Pea coat and Refeer models are made from soft natural wool: from 70% till 80% in the general composition of the material. The lining of the coat is made of silk and viscose, or satin.

Women's Pea Coat and Reefer — differences and brands

The Pea coat and Reefer models of the leading British brands such as Gloverall, Original Montgomery and London Tradition are presented in our catalogue. Every brand offers you its own vision of this wonderful coat.

British Duffle Pea Coat and Original Montgomery Lined Pea Coat have wide collar with an additional fastener that you can lift to protect yourself from the wind. Gloverall Contemporary Reefer model has more austere cut and a higher percentage of wool in the composition. Besides, there are the flaps on the straight pockets which prevent you from losing valuable things.

The choice of a particular model depends on your own taste. All women’s Pea Coat and Reefer models are water-repellent due to a special wool steaming process. Each coat has an excellent appearance and can create a unique autumn image.

Women’s Pea Coat and Reefer models will perfectly match the classic business suit. Exquisite style and excellent quality — isn’t it an ideal coat!

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