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Children Classic Duffle Coat Red 14-16 years
Children Classic Duffle Coat Navy 14-16 years
Children Classic Duffle Coat Charcoal 14-16 years
Children Classic Duffle Coat Royal Blue 14-16 years
Children Classic Duffle Coat Camel 14-16 years
Children Classic Duffle Coat Camel 2-3 years
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Duffle coat for children — distinctive features and advantages of the model

Earlier duffle coats were produced of the self-named fabric which gave name to the model. It was dense impermeable waterproof coarse wool which warmed in wet and cold weather. Today for a kids’ duffle coat light but at the same time warm fabrics are used (cashmere, alpaca or camel wool).

Owing to their versatility and elegance coats with this design caught not only men’s but also women’s fancy. In our catalogue you can choose a kids duffle coat for a girl or for a boy of different age at a bargain price.

Advantages of the coat model duffle coat:

  • Fashionable design. Wide range of actual colours.
  • Comfortable design which doesn’t restrain movements. Other advantages of the model are toggles which can be easily unfastened even in thick gloves and spacious patch pockets.
  • Warm comfortable fabric which protects from cold, wind and moisture well.
  • Versatility. Straight duffle coat matches to various items of the wardrobe, classical, sport items or youth clothes.

How to choose a duffle coat for a teenager

Duffle coat for a boy is a perfect choice of casual coat. These outer garments will give warmth in windy, wet or frozen weather. Single-breasted straight coat with hood and patch pockets suits for straight classical pants and jeans. The same models are also suitable for girls. In our online shop you can find variants in bright blue or red colours, a strict grey coat or a black coat.

There is a wide range of models of standard length and in different fashionable colours in our catalogue. You can choose a coat for a child aged from 6 and older (size should be specified with the manager of our online shop taking into account growth, chest girth and arm length to wrist).

How to buy a duffle coat for a child

To buy a duffle coat in online shop, choose size and colour, make a purchase with the help of shopping cart and call us by contact phone. Our products can be delivered throughout Europe within 1-2 days from the date of payment.

You will benefit if you buy a kids’ duffle coat in our online shop for several reasons:

  • Wide range of models.
  • Reasonable prices for duffle coats.
  • Convenient order form.
  • Guarantee of authenticity and high quality of all presented products.
  • Delivery in Europe.
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