Duffle coat — from Britain with Love to You

“Made in England” is a promise made by the label of the British Duffle with the emblem of a typical British styled coat of arms. You can be hundred percent sure of this promise — it has been more than a century that the British Duffle company brings excellent quality to its clients.

Unique in everything

The process of creating each British Duffle duffle coat is regulated by rules and standards developed in course of the latest hundred years of expertise. This label is dubbed “the best of the best” — and, do trust me, it is not by chance. Special fabrics, the best masters, traditional and at the same time modern design, hand-made — all of it speaks for itself. The British Duffle masters work with classic cardboard patterns and special cutting-out knives — just like in the old times. Each item always has “a secret ingredient” — a signature inside seam of the British Duffle. Imagine how much effort is put into each overcoat!

Fabrics is a different topic. The material of the British Duffle duffle coats is waterproof, windproof and keeps you warm — all in all, just like the very first version of the duffle coat that “served” the British marines and fishermen. Another thing is that the material is absolutely natural, which is rare nowadays.
Details of the coat British Duffle
The coat British Duffle in details

The British Duffle success is in its choice and processing of the fabrics. First of all, the material is produced in Italy by the best Apennine craftsmen. It is washed with the purest water from mountain springs, processed with steam, cleaned of all the unwanted and keeps the necessary qualities. Secondly, thanks to the finest and filigree technique the outside and the inside of the fabrics are interwoven in a particular way, creating the unified whole — a two-layered woolen cloth.

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Bright style

Apart from the incredible quality, the British Duffle duffle coats can be noted for their peculiar and memorable style. The most wide-spread are models with applied leather buttonholes and horn toggles, cut from buffalo’s horn and decorated with the branded imprint of British Duffle. The duffle coat lining is decorated with the Scottish tartan matching the outside shade. Men’s models are represented by the traditional color palette: dark blue, camel, black.

Men's coat British Duffle
Navy men’s coat British Duffle

Women’s duffle coats are more elegant due to semifitted fashion. The models include, apart from those classic colour solutions for men, a duffle coat of a bright red shade — it will add colour to the murkiest and coldest day.

The unique “recipe”, the peculiar style, impeccable quality and traditions let the British Duffle produce duffle coats known and loved by the entire world.

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