What kind of trousers to choose for the duffle coat?

More and more often you can see men and women (and even children) wearing a straight single-breasted coat with a large hood and distinctive fastenings, a duffle coat, both on catwalks and in the streets. Everybody wants to try the fashionable trend on, but you should put a lot of effort to look stylish and natural in it. We’ll talk about the 'lower' part of our clothes, trousers and their variations.

The duffle coat is not a tuxedo, of course. It gives us freedom of choice. The question is where you want to go in this wonderful coat and how you want to look.

Depending on the set of clothes you wear (and your personality, of course), the duffle coat can bring a touch of originality to your look or emphasize ascetic masculinity of your appearance.

Choice 1 — casual

The most habitual and irreplaceable element of our clothes is jeans. In everyday life, excluding a dress code and festive cases, we often put them on when going for a walk, going shopping, or meeting with friends. A pair of jeans is appropriate practically everywhere where a casual style prevails. Therefore many people prefer to wear them with a duffle coat. Well, such choice is good, but it is important to choose jeans properly. The fashionable straight cut with narrowed trouser legs, without any additional complex details, would go well.

  • If your duffle coat is bright, of mustard colour, for example, you may try black jeans.
  • A pair of blue jeans suits a beige one.
  • If the duffle coat is black or navy blue, jeans of an original colour will be suitable.

A pair of jeans is the most versatile choice, which suits both men and women. Though they look ordinary, jeans are nice.

Men’s duffle coat and jeans
Look with a men’s duffle coat and jeans
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Choice 2 — stylish

The duffle coat is ideal to create a rough-romantic image — the poetry of boundless heaths thoroughly composed by stylists. If you appreciate such style, velveteen trousers or chinos will be the best choice. They are more elegant than jeans but aren't formal yet. Chinos, almost as well as a duffle coat, came from the British soldiers. However, they were not intended to protect from cold, but rather from hot climate of the British colonies. But today this type of trousers suits both men's and ladies’ autumn dress. Comfortable chinos can be of bright colour, if your duffle coat sets them off with calm shades. Corduroy trousers are warmer clothes. They will warm you in cold winter and, at the same time, will bring an element of a vintage style, cosiness and elegance in your look.

Men’s duffle coat and chinos
Look with a men’s duffle coat and chinos

Choice 3 — interesting

But what is the use of describing the delights of chinos and jeans if you have to stick to a strict dress code or if you admire exclusively classic suits? Don't worry, you won't have to hang your favourite duffle coat deep up in the closet until 'better times'. Classic trousers perfectly suit the simple style of this coat with an original fastener. If you have the reputation of a well-known dandy and possess a wide choice of suits, your trousers can be quite unusual, for example, with large or mid-size checks. Such trousers can be combined with a coat of muted shade similar to one of the colours of the checks. All the other details of clothes, including accessories, have to be monochromatic.

Men’s duffle coat and pants
Combination of a men’s duffle coat and classic pants

If you put an ordinary business suit on, the duffle coat will complete the look, adding a courageous roughness and smoothed notes of excessive gravity to it.

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