Choosing a bag to suit the duffle coat

The duffle coat is an extraordinary and outstanding piece of clothing. As any other similar item, it doesn’t suit gaudy and catchy accessories. Thus, a bag that you’re going to have when wearing a duffle coat should be laconic.

A duffle coat of bright colours or made of patterned fabric requires more strict accessories; a duffle coat of classic colours as grey, black or navy blue gives you a bit more freedom.

An ideal match for the duffle coat:

  • a large shoulder bag,
  • a backpack.

Accessories for men

A bag to suit the duffle coat shouldn’t be excessively primitive. Coarse wool (duffle) suits perfectly suede or aged contrasting leather. But a briefcase of any material is a taboo for the duffle coat.

Men's bag and duffle coat
A look with a men’s duffle coat and a large bag

As for a scarf, it should be chosen to match the colour of the bag. But remember that if you wear a coloured duffle coat, the colour of a scarf, a hat and a bag should be a bit brighter. For instance, it’s better to choose shades of beige instead of black for a Classic fit Mens Duffle Coat Camel of a mustard colour. A duffle coat of a dark colour may match a bag and shoes of deeper but not too contrastive colour.

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A ladies' handbag and the duffle coat — difficulties of choice

As the duffle coat is a practical unitary element of clothes, so the bag should be chosen keeping the requirements of comfort and convenience in mind. Many stylists offer ladies to wear a “brutal” and original duffle coat with something elegant. However, excessive sentimentality, tiny purses, small patterns, variegated colouring don’t fit the duffle coat, especially classic or checked duffle coats of “Womens Short Check Duffle Coat” collection.

Small elegant purses look invisible against the duffle coat. Only if your duffle coat is not classic, one-colour and made of thin wool, then only a threadbare strap purse will add to it. Thus ladies have to choose accessories skillfully balancing on the verge of fashion.

Women's bag and duffle coat
A look with a women’s duffle coat and a medium bag

There are two approved pieces of advice for a duffle coat owners:

  • A large shoulder bag of elegant shape, which should never be stuffed as it has to look subtle and easily fit the silhouette.
  • A small handbag of a smart but not too solid form.
  • A backpack that shouldn’t be of a sports style. The best choice is a leather or woolen one, which resembles soldier’s knapsack, but of a plain style.

The duffle coat doesn’t spoil any style. But it is better to use all the merits of this “marine coat” and thoroughly choose accessories.

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