What to wear the duffle coat with — appropriate and inappropriate combinations?

The duffle coat is a highly convenient and comfortable style of a coat that originated from the British mariners’ wardrobe. A big advantage of the men’s duffle coat is its versatility. In contrast to a strict classic coat, it is much more democratic and suits nearly every clothing style. However, there are several rules, knowing which you will gain the reputation of a man with fine taste.

The men's duffle coat and casual style

The duffle coat is appreciated by the young for its loose cut which doesn’t constrain movements. In many European universities and public schools the duffle coat has become an attribute of the tacit student dress code. If the style of Oxford and Cambridge graduates with its polo shirts, knitted vests and comfortable woolen trousers is to your taste, the duffle coat is a perfect choice for you.

However, it is not recommended to combine any woolen coat including the duffle coat with sport shoes, even with the popular British «Converse», which are more and more often referred to as urban, not sport shoes. Other elements of sport style (backpacks, baseball caps, not even speaking of soft training trousers) are also out of question.

Classic leather shoes, on the contrary, look fantastic combined with the duffle coat as well as gumboots and suede boots on a thick sole.

Voluminous chunky knitted sweaters suit the duffle coat very well for it is also a marine attribute loved by the fishermen in northern seas. However, it is not a strict rule — you can also wear the duffle coat over a three-piece suit.

Duffle coat and casual style
Look with a men’s duffle coat in casual style
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The duffle coat and business suit

In general, the duffle coat will perfectly suit the look of a successful serviceman or businessman. The men’s duffle coat won’t destroy the ensemble of a classic suit, strict shoes and expensive watch. On the contrary, it will add you some casual charm of calm strength and confident courage.

Outside the office, the duffle coat can be combined with informal velveteen trousers and classic shirts, knitted vests, soft jackets and pullovers.

Duffle coat and business style
Look with a men’s duffle coat in business style


When you put on a duffle coat, remember about its origin and initial function. Then you won’t make any embarrassing mistakes. It suits well comfortable, voluminous and warm casual clothes (remember fishermen and whale hunters) as well as any strict classic clothes (think of the British marine officers’ uniform).

Only sport clothing is banned — never forget that any sneakers and training trousers are appropriate only in the gym. Wearing it together with various classic garments (not only duffle coats) is a common style mistake.

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