Women’s duffle coat

Though originally the duffle coat was considered to be a men’s coat, in the 1960s a well-known fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent adapted it to ladies’ style and made the duffle coat an essential part of women's wardrobe.

The duffle coat is beautiful, comfortable and suits perfectly any women’s attire. It stands between long smart classic coats and stylish but not always comfortable short jackets.

Thus if you feel uncomfortable wearing a smart coat or you don’t want to put on a jacket, choose a cozy duffle coat. Just remember, if an edge of a jacket or a waistcoat is seen from under a short coat, it is a bad taste. This rule concerns both ladies and gentlemen.

Duffle coat outfit
Women's duffle coat outfit

So what should a women’s duffle coat be worn with?

It is quite a good idea to wear a duffle coat both with classic and casual clothes. Despite the rather brutal look of a duffle coat, it may emphasize your delicacy. This coat of British seamen will balance the most provocative ladies’ clothing — puffy skirts, high-heeled shoes and large jewelry.

The duffle coat, as well as other elements which were earlier considered men’s ones, makes a woman look charming. But on the contrary, a quite neutral and boring dress can "be lost" against a duffle coat.

Original Montgomery Soho Elegance Burgundy
Women's duffle coat Original Montgomery Soho Elegance Burgundy
Original Montgomery London Camel
Women's duffle coat Original Montgomery London Camel
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A mid-thigh length duffle coat suits both maxi and mini skirts and dresses. It emphasizes such contrasts, gives freedom for fashion experiments. Knee-length skirts will better go with a long duffle coat.

If you dislike a distinctly glamorous style, pay attention to simplicity and clearness of lines of a duffle coat. This all is a good base for a look in British casual style. Create a simple and subtle look with an English accent when wearing a duffle coat. A look with a tartan skirt, a tight roll-neck and elegant chunky-heeled high boots shouldn’t be overloaded with details and complicated accessories. Its beauty is in its simplicity, compatibility and functionality of each element.

Women's duffle coat and tartan skirt
Gloverall short duffle coat and tartan skirt outfit

Women’s duffle coat and your figure

A duffle coat will perfectly balance a 'pear' or a 'sandglass' silhouette and hide large hips. All in all, gentle and half-loose cut of the duffle coat visually corrects a figure and emphasizes its elegance. The duffle coat will fit a lady of any height as it looks well with stiletto heels or platform shoes.

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