Duffle coat and women’s accessories

As the duffle coat had been considered to be of a men’s fashion for too long some ladies’ elements should be added to your look so that it does not get too masculine. A convenient purse and stylish leather gloves would perfectly complete the look. But remember that the duffle coat is a classic coat. It should be combined with time-tested ladies’ accessories avoiding flashy and provocative details.

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Duffle coat and ladies' shoes

Any classic shoes are perfectly combined with a duffle coat. Loafers, oxfords, high or low-heeled shoes would suit it. High boots would add you British elegancy. Jockey boots, derbies or even army boots with heavy soles fit well. However, don’t wear pointed toes, thin-heeled shoes or the ones which are decorated with little and motley elements. The duffle coat accentuates ladies’ classic shoes of smart shape.

Women’s duffle coat and high boots
Look with a women’s duffle coat and high boots

Duffle coats and bags

Give preference to a bag of medium size made from leather or natural fabric. Remember a bag shouldn’t be too small or soft. A tiny clutch wouldn’t suit the coat and a shapeless sack wouldn’t contrast its straight cut.

A small leather backpack is a better solution. It would add casual student elegance to your look.

Better not to wear huge bags with various prints, chains, pockets or other elements. Excessively romantic girlish models or aggressive ones won’t do either. If you want a small bag, let it be of a smart geometrical shape, self-coloured or tartan. Also, don’t wear a duffle coat with a sports bag.

Women’s duffle coat and a classic bag
Women’s duffle coat and a classic bag

Other accessories

A heavy woolen scarf, long leather gloves will suit the duffle coat. A hat shouldn’t be extremely big. A wide-brimmed hat or a fur-cap would look alien. Big wooden items combined with traditional fastenings of the duffle coat will be a good and interesting decision.

Headwear with duffle coat
Combination of a headwear with duffle coat

Just remember, the duffle coat suits any style in clothes except for the sports one. But it’s better to stick to casual style.

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