Types of the duffle coats

Classic duffle coat is a British seamen’s outfit. The brand gained its popularity not only because this cosy short coat was the favorite clothing item of Field Marshal Montgomery’s.

In 1953 The Cruel Sea was released, where Jack Hawkins, a popular actor, played the role of a charming sharp-witted valiant lieutenant George Ericson. He wore a classic duffle coat, the English variant, without the subtle casual elegance that French ones, made by Yves Saint Laurent have.

Today new styles annually appear in autumn collections, but the modified brand retained its main characteristics: the straight cut, patch pockets, a neck fastener, a loose hood, wide buttonholes and buttons of a distinctive shape. In the 70s women’s duffle coats appeared, which were especially appreaciated by slender ladies.

Types of the men's duffle coats

The length of the jacket-coat is three quarters; the cut is straight and the hood is loose enough to wear a peake cap or a kepi. Loops are wide; buttons are solid and prolonged. These main distinctive features of the duffle coat are permanent despite changes in fashion.

What is the difference between the modern and the first classic men model of the duffle coat?

In the 60s only texture woolen duffle coats (with shaggy and long nap) could be seen on sale. The main colours were dark beige, olive and grey. “Walrus tusk” buttons were just bone or wooden; and the loops were made of leather.

Classic men`s duffle coat
Men’s classic duffle coat Original Montgomery in classic navy colour

Modern models are made of smooth fabric (cloth or soft wool); bone fastenings are replaced by plastic buttons. The length varies from maxi to mini. The hood and the lining in some models are detachable in order to wear the coat in warm weather. But even nowadays some men prefer the classic thick woolen duffle coat which resembles an English seaman’s pea coat.

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Women's duffle coat

Women’s clothes have even more variants than the men’s ones. These fashionable straight short coats are sewn by the best European factories. Each of them offers its own original brand.

Today women’s duffle coats are of various colour and cut. Maxi models which resemble the classic model only in prolonged horizontal buttons and in the hood. There are also mini duffle coats with a checked lining and barrel buttons.

Colourful women's duffle coat
Women’s classic duffle coats Original Montgomery in red and navy colours

Models of white colour with brown leather loops look fashionable. The combinations of red and black (red fabric and black loops and buttons), blue and white, black and beige, olive and dark green are popular as well. The traditional checked lining was changed into one-colour fabric.

The duffle coat, which is a comfortable, warm and original outerwear, has been in fashion for many years. Nowadays, it is a universally acknowledged brand which stands the test of time.

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