A scarf to suit the duffle coat — an addition to the style

The comfortable, warm and ultra trendy duffle coat was originally created as a part of military uniform. This coat was created exclusively for the needs of the mariners of the British fleet — in that distant age nobody expected the duffle coat to become a very popular garment among fashionistas of any gender and age. However, the origin and the history of any clothing item define its style, and to look perfect in the duffle coat you need to follow a set of rules. Your clothes and accessories should be in the relaxed, simple and comfortable casual style. Since the duffle coat is worn in the cold season, a scarf would be an integral element of your look. What kind of scarf should you choose as a striking addition to the duffle coat?

Old salts

Intentional looseness — that’s exactly the impression one should get of a man in the duffle coat. The look should be simple and laconic, courageous, but at the same time cosy, with a tint of mildness.

Men's duffle coat and a scarf
A look with a men’s duffle coat and a voluminous scarf

A voluminous chunky scarf wrapped across your neck in loose waves would be a fantastic choice — pick a model the mariners or, say, humble fishermen could wear. You can also consider wearing a cowl — a big ring-formed scarf wrapped around your neck twice.

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Highlight the charm

The duffle coat was created by men and for men, and even though it has undergone some changes throughout the long period of its existence, it has still remained true to its original spirit. That’s why women need to «set off» this garment with elegant accessories. However, you should not overdo — a silk scarf wouldn’t suit the duffle coat. It is a soft scarf «from your childhood», as if knitted by your grandmother, that would be highly appropriate. Depending on the exact variant, a loose cashmere scarf could also do.

Now we’d like to give you some general advice. You should choose the colour of the scarf based on the colour of your duffle coat: the hues should match but not merge; they can be contrasting, but they should not overload the look. You can follow a simple rule: the scarf should be in the same colour chord as the duffle coat, but a couple of tints lighter.

It’s better to choose plain variants because otherwise you take the risk of being dressed too gaudy. However, if you wear a classic beige, black or navy duffle coat, a tartan scarf will suit it perfectly.

Women's duffle coat and a scarf
A look with a women’s duffle coat and a checked scarf

Those who like to experiment can try on preppy style, which is much loved by «the golden youth» of America, choosing a long knitted scarf with an emblem of a respected college on it. If all the elements suit each other, such a set would look very stylish.

The duffle coat is a very advantageous clothing item. If you spend some time to think through your look including all the details such as a scarf, you will definitely be very happy with the result. You will be rewarded with a unique and incredibly stylish look that will make you stand out in the crowd.

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