What types of men's accessories will suit the duffle coat?

Nowadays many gentlemen who pay attention to their style and appearance choose the duffle coat. Indeed, this stylish coat with distinctive toggles, capacious pockets and a large hood is perfect to wear during the off-season. And if this element of men's outerwear is to your taste as well, you won’t regret your choice. However, as any other thing, a duffle coat has to be combined with other items of clothing. In order to create a complete image it is necessary to choose the right accessories.

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Choose accessories wisely

It should be noted that you shouldn't experiment with choosing accessories. Its creative buttons and an impressive hood make a duffle coat look stunning. Therefore gloves, bags, hats and scarves have to be neutral and elegant.

As for a hat, it is not necessary to be worn. Your head will be protected by a hood in any weather. Of course, a wide-brimmed hat must be excluded at all. This type of a hat and a hood are incompatible. A fur hat would also look ridiculously. But, if you insist on wearing a head-dress, a plain knitted cap will match your duffle coat.

In severe cold winter a large and cozy knitted scarf will complete the image, but it should be monochromatic. The colour of the scarf can be both bright and muted. The main thing is that it should match your duffle coat or go well with other accessories (a bag or gloves).

Men's duffle coat with a scarf and hat
A look with a navy duffle coat and a colour-matched scarf
Gloves should be woolen, as the leather ones are suitable just for strict classics. Mittens will also look great with a duffle coat, as it is convenient to unbutton the duffle coat even while wearing them.

A special attention should be paid when choosing a bag. Again, forget about brief cases. The best option is a shoulder bag. A backpack suits the duffle coat as well. Rough wool, which is often used when sewing a duffle coat, will go well together with suede or leather with the "aging" effect. Thus a bag should be made from such materials.

Men’s duffle coat with a bag
Look with a duffle coat and a strict case

Paying attention to the colour

When choosing accessories to go with a duffle coat stylists advise to avoid contrasts. In this case, the rules are rather simple. If the coat is coloured, the "accessory" elements of clothes have to be lighter. Thus, beige shades would go well with a brown duffle coat; traditional black will be inappropriate. And if the coat is black, it is good "to refresh" your look with brighter, but not too contrasting, accessories. And one more rule: it is desirable that the accessories should be in the shades of the same colour.

Undoubtedly, the duffle coat will favourably emphasize the image of a man of any age. And competently chosen accessories will complete it and show your impeccable taste.

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