Combining a duffle coat with women’s headwear: what is and what isn’t allowed

Cosy and warm duffle coats are mostly worn in autumn and in winter. It will steadily protect you from wind and rain, but there is one problem to solve: what headwear to put on?

If the weather is not too cold yet, and you still can cover your head just occasionally, the hood of the duffle coat will be enough. However, if the weather is changeable, a headwear is absolutely necessary because head hypothermia is the most common reason for colds and deterioration of hair condition. A correctly picked headwear combined with the dufflecoat will truly adorn you.

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Intricate hats for women's — an inappropriate choice

A wide-brimmed hat is the thing you should refuse at once. It would look interesting combined with a coat of a different type, but not with a duffle coat. The reason therefor is the hood. Even if you don’t plan on covering your head with it at every single waft of wind, the combination of a hat and a hood on your back would definitely lack elegance. This also applies to voluminous fur hats appearing in our wardrobes as periods of cold weather approach. It is also not recommended to wear a duffle coat with decorative pillbox hats.

Women duffle coat with women`s headwear
Combination of duffle coat with a knitted hat

A little soft hat is the best choice

An ideal headwear to be combined with a duffle coat should be small and laconic.

It is highly apt to wear a duffle coat with a little knitted hat or a beret. If you experiment with fashions a little bit, you are sure to find a hat that will suit your hairstyle and the form of your face.

Women duffle coat with beret
Combination of a women’s duffle coat with a beret

A perky small flat cap or a little more voluminous gavroche cap would look good with a duffle coat.

Silk headscarves also suit a duffle coat. If you had never worn this type of headwear before and not sure what material and fashion to choose, you can look at old photos of such actresses as Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot (who has always been a keen fan of duffle coats, by the way) or «James Bond’s girls».

A beautifully tied headscarf can give a zest to your look and add to it some elegant vintage charm.

Duffle coat and a headcloth
Brigitte Bardot in a duffle coat and a headcloth

A checked deerstalker in Sherlock Holmes style would also be an interesting choice.

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