Children’s duffle coat. To be or not to be?

A duffle coat or one of the types of a coat continues to be very popular for a long time. It is well known that at the very beginning of its existence a duffle coat was associated only with men's clothes, however, in the course of time, women’s and children’s duffle coats started to appear.

Children’s or teenagers’ clothes don’t differ from an adult model. It’s warm, comfortable and versatile; has four big buttons, a hood and patch pockets. The only distinctive feature is the colour of a children’s duffle coat. A combination of various colours, applications, decorations and bright finishing are quite acceptable for such kind of a duffle coat.

Children's duffle coat with embroidery
Yellow children's duffle coat with embroidery

Thus children’s duffle coats have become an integral part of children’s fashion. They’re made by the most famous manufacturers of similar adult coats.

The popularity of such coat is growing because parents can take care of their child’s health and comfort during the cold season but also to help him/her to stand out in a crowd, to be stylish and modern.

No wonder that all these peculiarities make such coat really popular and essential, turn it into one of the best choices of autumn-winter outerwear. However, children’s duffle coats have both merits and demerits.

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Merits of children's duffle coats:

  • A child will always stay warm in a duffle coat. He/she can stay outdoors for a long time, thus the probability of catching a cold would be reduced to a minimum.
  • A duffle coat is very stylish, so a child or even a teenager can feel grown-up and modern and resemble the parents or idols.
  • A duffle coat is extremely practical and comfortable, it won't restrict movements of the child even during active games.
  • This coat is versatile, thus it can be combined with clothes of any style — a school uniform or jeans.
  • The cut of a duffle coat allows a child to keep the gloves on when it is necessary to get something out of a pocket or to put something in it and to fasten the coat. Thus a child won't freeze the fingers on the cold.
  • Big buttons won’t come off and get lost; and a child will be able to fasten the buttons on his/her own.
  • Having bought duffle coats for all the members of a family, you may create a peculiar family style, recognizable and different from all the other ones.
Children's Gloverall duffle coats
Looks with children's duffle coats Gloverall

Possible demerits of a children's duffle coat:

  • If the weather is quite warm, a child will be too hot in a duffle coat. Thus he/she can fall ill.
  • A child can feel quite uncomfortable, which would be connected with his/her specific characteristics.
  • Thick fabric prevents good air circulation. On the other hand, modern manufacturers offer mixed types of cloth which increases a product practicality.

Variants of children's duffle coats:

For children from 2 to 3 years

For children from 4 to 6 years

For children from 7 to 9 years

For children from 10 to 13 years

For children from 14 to 16 years

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