Traditional colours of the duffle coat

The duffle coat is a popular British outerwear that came to us from the British mariners already in the XIXth century. The most traditional type of the duffle coat is a loose three quarter coat made from rough «duffel» wool of camel colour with a hood and unusual fastenings in the form of walrus tusks.

Camel colour of the duffle coat

Camel colour, also called sandy colour, has become a classic of casual style long ago. You have always been able to feel light and free in it. That is exactly the type of a coat that surprised audiences and designers in 1950s, when Yves Saint Laurent actually took the duffle coat out of a pile of long forgotten things and presented it in a new form as a top fashion trend.

Camel women’s duffle coat
A look with a camel women’s duffle coat
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Khaki colour and dark hues

Since that period the duffle coat has gained in popularity, it seems as if the classics have come to life and transformed. Certainly, this resulted in endless experiments. There appeared duffle coats made in khaki colour, which referred to its history, to the times when such coats were worn by soldiers at war. The vintage khaki colour remained popular for a long time, but soon the duffle coat also started to be made in traditional formal hues: navy and black. The most surprising is that the duffle coat has only become more noble, the style transformations couldn’t help but make good to it.

Navy duffle coat for men
A look with a navy men’s duffle coat
Gloverall Original Monty Duffle coat 5750 Navy
Men’s duffle coat Gloverall Original Monty Duffle coat 5750 Navy
Original Montgomery Classic Duffle Coat Navy
Men’s duffle coat Original Montgomery Classic Duffle Coat Navy

Bright tints in the design of the duffle coat

Now, when the duffle coat is going through the third wave of its popularity, it is possible to find a duffle coat in almost any colour. Despite this, the traditional beige hasn’t disappeared, it is also in, and, moreover, it is hard to beat this colour in utility. Today you can find a duffle coat in a bright colour chord: in orange, red, yellow. Such a coat would perfectly suit a person who wants to highlight their identity and is not afraid of experiments. Bright colours suit this coat very well because it is democratic in its inscape despite its venerable classic age. The duffle coat is an excellent choice for those who have a creative personality, like to think and open up new horizons. Besides, the bright tints will perfectly suit the autumn season — your look will match the bright carpet of autumn leaves.

Women's duffle coat in bright color
A look with a yellow women’s duffle coat

What to wear a duffle coat with?

It is important to combine the duffle coat with other clothing items correctly, and it concerns not only the colour chord, but also the texture of the materials used. The rough duffel wool suits jeans, dense trousers as well as knitted garments and rough boots on high platform. Women’s duffle coats would look good with ankle boots on heels. The general style of the duffle coat is casual for intellectuals with all its consequences — the clothes you combine this coat with should be a bit loose, not too glamorous and, of course, practical. Than your look will be on the top! Join the real British classics — choose any colour of the duffle coat!

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