Duffle coat is a new English classic

А thick woollen single-breasted coat with a hood, big buttons on buttonholes and patch pockets has become popular all over the world. Over more than a hundred years of its existence the duffle coat has transformed from marine’s the uniform of the British navy to one of the most widely distributed types of outerwear. It is stylish and simple, versatile and practical; it is of the excellent quality and can protect you from wind and cold.

Nowadays these coats are extremely popular. They are no longer only menswear but can perfectly suit every woman and even a child. Of course, the duffle coat has undergone some changes over the years due to its popularity.
Classic duffle coats for men and women
Classic Gloverall duffle coats

Duffle coat and fashion transformations:

  • The cut was changed a bit for women's and children's models.
  • New colours have been added to the traditional choice of camel, black and dark blue. Today we can meet duffle coats almost of any colour and children's coats can be of mixed colours with bright trimming and applications.
  • A zip is often added to four classical buttons.
  • The size and the shape of a hood have changed a bit.
  • Modern duffle coats are rarely made of pure duffle (camel hair cloth). The range of fabrics is quite wide now.

However, despite all this the main characteristics of this coat, which make it stand out among other types of outerwear, remain the same. It is still recognizable, practical and simple. Moreover, in many aspects the duffle coat has characteristics of traditional British clothes including austerity and conservatism.

Children's classic duffle coats
Children's Original Montgomery duffle coats
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The duffle coat: is it classic yet?

The over-years popularity of the model raises a reasonable question: can we consider it to be classic? Most experts agree that the duffle coat is an exclusive example of classic outerwear today. Here are some proving facts:

  • The design of the coat is universal. That is why it goes well with clothes of any style and will be an integral element for a long time.
  • This coat is very practical and comfortable. It means that it will be popular at all times.
  • The colours and the cut were originally classic, and the details of the model were thought out so well that there is nothing extra ot unnecessary in it, which will also secure long life and recognition of the coat.
  • Nowadays the duffle coat is well-known and most commonly worn in many countries. It is equal to those models that had appeared long before it was created in popularity.
Classic duffle coats by Original Montgomery
Classic Original Montgomery duffle coats

The duffle coat is a true modern classic with the English spirit and nautical past.

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