Choosing Shoes for Pea Coat

Choosing Shoes for Pea Coat

To create a harmonious look with a Pea Coat you should not only choose the right clothes but also pay attention to the choice of shoes.

For men

The allure of a Pea Coat is in its combination with almost any style. You can put it on for a day at work as well as for a walk — a Pea Coat will embellish perfectly both a business suit and a pair of jeans.

For creating an official and formal image you will need classic mat Oxfords as well as quarter brogues that will add gloss and elegance.

If you prefer casual dress, your Pea Coat will be complete with high rough boots with laces and thick soles — and it may be of a different colour. Another viable variant are leather loafers or top-siders.

Shoes for men Pea coat

For women

The choice of shoes for women is even wider than for men. You should base your decision, first of all, on your style — but remember that such a men’s item as a Pea Coat is better combined with evidently feminine and elegant pieces.

However, that’s just an individual opinion. A Pea Coat can be worn with ballerinas or shoes with small square heels — such shoes can be seen in the photos of young Brigitte Bardot. Also following the star’s choice you can put on shoes or ankle boots with high, but steady heels.

Various ankle boots go perfectly well with a Pea Coat: those flat and with a small “men’s” heel, decorated with metallic riveting, buckles or with pleated boot-top.

Shoes for women Pea coat

Another attractive casual solution is high boots with laces and thick ribbed soles, military style. Ankle boots with a small even platform and wedges also look good.

Pea Coat can also be combined with high rubber boots and knee-high leather boots — all in all, everything here depends on your personal preferences of style and model of the overcoat.

Shoe colours, those men’s and women’s, are to be combined with dark blue and gray classic Pea Coat palette. Black and white combinations as well as gray and brown shoe shades will also be perfect. In certain cases bright colours will also be appropriate — as for women’s rubber boots.

The Pea Coat sets a tone and spirit to your look — it should only be maintained by accents wisely chosen. Putting on a Pea Coat and choosing the right shoes you will certainly get an original and stylish look.

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