What to combine the Pea coat with — men’s style

The Pea coat, the coat of American and British mariners, has long ago secured its status as a marvellous clothing item fitting in any man’s wardrobe. No matter what style you prefer, you won’t regret having bought the Pea coat for the secret of this coat is in its versatility.

Business look

The Pea coat can actually become the Aladdin’s lamp than will let you save your money and buy just one coat for all the possible occasions. For example, you need a coat for going to work, which is in an office, and attending various business meetings. Then the Pea coat is at your service!

Pea coat and business style
Look with a men’s Pea coat in business style

You can put on a two-piece business suit, a shirt and a tie under it, supplement this with shiny leather semi brogues (or quarter brogues) and enjoy your own immaculate look.

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Casual style

It’s even easier when it goes to everyday attire — the choice is truly enormous. Here is a concise list of clothing items that suit the Pea coat:

  • chinos trousers,
  • roll-necks,
  • high-neck sweaters,
  • jumpers and sweatshirts,
  • sailor sweaters,
  • check shirts,
  • t-shirts and hoodies,
  • blazers,
  • jeans.
Men’s pea coat
Look in casual style with a men’s pea coat

The list is far from complete — you are restricted with nothing but your own fantasy and the ban for excessively inappropriate clothing items such as sport suits.

As for the accessories, leather belts, peaked caps, caps, knitted hats, markedly rough bracelets referring to the naval theme are favourable. A casual look can perfectly be supplemented with army boots on a thick sole or topsiders.

You should preferably choose reserved colours such as grey, white, khaki, navy, black, brown and camel.

Montgomery Lined Pea coat Navy
Men's Pea coat Original Montgomery Lined Pea coat Navy
Montgomery Lined Pea coat Charcoal
Men's Pea coat Original Montgomery Lined Pea coat Charcoal

The original style of the Pea coat lets you create harmonic looks for any occasion. You can look as a dandy impeccably dressed in a smart suit or you can soften the formal style by wearing a shirt with a V-neck jumper, for example. At the same time, the Pea coat will look perfectly with a totally relaxed combination of a stretched t-shirt or a cosy sweatshirt and loose scruffy jeans. Very comfortable, isn’t it?

The Pea coat successfully keeps balance on the verge of strict classics, military and casual styles: it does not completely belong to any of these niches, but it would be appropriate in any of them. The unique qualities of this coat will let you feel like a fish in the water in completely different attires and situations.

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