What to combine the Pea coat with — women’s style

Modern women wear quite a number of clothing items that originated from men’s wardrobe. They add charm to women through stressing the fragility and elegance of their silhouette and making their looks more original. You should just choose your wardrobe right.

The naval Pea coat works exactly this way: if handled correctly, it will become your favourite outerwear which can be a base for an infinite number of looks and combinations.

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Playing on contrast

The first rule you should follow when creating an elegant look based on the Pea coat is to combine the incompatible. However, it looks incompatible just at first thought. The straight military cut and the rough masculinity of the Pea coat should be set off with something ethereal and elegant: a fluttering skirt, an airy white dress, flowing folds, rouches and flounces.

There are no restrictions regarding the length of the skirt: both mini, midi and even maxi would do. You can also experiment through exchanging a mini skirt with woolen shorts combined with opaque tights.

Women’s pea coat and skirt
Look with a yellow women’s pea coat and a skirt

Comfortable casual

If you don’t have time to dress smartly for everyday errands, you can form several simple but stylish complects based on the Pea coat. Choose trousers or jeans that suit you most of all: they can be either skinny ones or bell-bottomed models that tribute to the naval past of the Pea coat.

Trousers and jeans can perfectly be supplemented with various sweaters and roll-necks, large-gauge cardigans, jumpers and pullovers.

Checked, striped and plain shirts, sweatshirts, blazers along with sailor shirts will suit as well.

Women’s pea coat and jeans
Look with a women’s pea coat and jeans

Colours and accessories

Since the traditional colours of the Pea coat are navy and grey, the rest of the clothes you wear should match these shades. The following colours will be appropriate:

  • white,
  • creme,
  • camel,
  • brown,
  • black,
  • pearl,
  • red.

As for patterns, the most relevant ones are checks and, of course, stripes, which will reflect the naval vein of the look.

The most suitable accessories for the Pea coat are peaked caps, knitted hats, spacious leather bags, big strict rings, massive men’s watch and pendants designed to resemble army ID tags. There is no common opinion when it goes to scarves: some people thing that they are excessive since they comceal the distinctive turn-down collar of the Pea coat, while others prefer to add a voluminous large-gauge scarf to the coat.

Women’s pea coat and bag
Look with a women’s pea coat and a bulky bag

It is for sure that you will manage to choose something that reflects your identity from everything mentioned above. The Pea coat will help you to create an original and memorable look no matter what style you prefer.

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