The duffle coat and the English style: together or apart?

Whatever you may say, the English style in clothing, interior and lifestyle is popular around the world. People are attracted by its practicality, elegance and simplicity. English style in clothes is often called classic. It presupposes impeccability and quality of attire, associates mostly with smart trousers, jackets, waistcoats, midi skirts of a straight cut, etc. In this case white, black, brown, blue, grey, green, azure and peach colours are appropriate.

Clothes usually have straight or slightly slinky silhouette.

Minimum accessories and classic leather pumps would complete the look. The English style obviously comes from Great Britain originally and so the duffle coat is, which is going to be talked mentioned further on. Does it refer to the English classics in general? Does it harmonize with a classic suit?

Duffle coat — is it the traditional English style?

The peculiarities of the English style were described on purpose to answer this question. As anybody, who is acquainted with its background and distinctive features, can see, the duffle coat fits the clothes in the traditional English style.

Author of the blog about the English style in a duffle coat
Author of the blog about the English style Grey Fox in a duffle coat

It is confirmed by the following statements:

  • Traditional duffle coat is made in black, beige and navy blue.
  • It has a smart straight cut.
  • It is practical, functional and of high quality.

And though, owing to other peculiarities, the duffle coat can be considered as a sports one, it obviously has a spirit of a traditional British culture characterized by its pragmatism, conservatism and emphasized simplicity.

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Is it possible to combine the duffle coat with classic clothes?

One could hardly think that the duffle coat would gain such wide popularity and presume that it would be worn with classic units of clothes. Today, however, the duffle coat fits perfectly some elements of a formal wear, especially in men’s attire.

Duffle coat in the English style with a tweed suit
Business look with a duffle coat and a tweed suit

According to some experts, a man can wear a duffle coat over his suit and combine it with classic leather shoes (the only item which is not recommended to wear with a duffle coat is the a hat).

Original Montgomery Wooden Toggle Navy
Men's duffle coat Original Montgomery Wooden Toggle Navy
Gloverall Original Monty 5750 Navy
Men's duffle coat Gloverall Original Monty 5750 Navy

The look would be appropriate and interesting; it would give a businessman completely different and new appearance.

As for ladies, they may also combine a duffle coat with clothes in formal clothes, but it should be done more cautiously. A classic pencil skirt, opaque tights, low-heeled or flat shoes with rounded toes may be worn with this type of a coat. You should keep in mind that the duffle coat changes a classic ladies’ look a bit. It becomes a the key in any style, according to which the rest of the clothes is chosen.

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