Duffle Coat is the Trendiest Coat

As we all know trends do not appear on their own. Notable (and not very notable) designers, being inspired by all areas of our immense world, give life to these trends. Military clothing is one of the most essential parts of fashion industry.

Many elements of military clothes look so organic on the catwalks and in the streets of big cities that we cannot even imagine how prosaic their origin is.

Parka, chinos, pea-jacket, trench coat, popular platform leather boots refer to military uniform of the past wars. The duffle coat takes a special place among the pile of former outfit.

The iconic sixties

Duffle coat was first presented on the catwalk by Yves Saint Laurent, a legendary lover of sharp lines, laconic silhouette and versatile outfits. During the rebellious sixties new ideas appeared everywhere. The new fashion wave kept raging among designers and literary crushed former ideals, giving way to the new ones.

Saint Laurent decided to dive into this wave and created a collection of clothes inspired by a nautical theme. There were navy blue, white and black colours, striped patterns and elements of sailors' clothes: striped vests, pea-jackets and … duffle coats. This collection did not only suit fashionistas of the new time but also boomed among different levels of society. Duffle coat turned out into 'a must have' for any stylish person.

Duffle Coat Yves Saint Laurent
A cloak Yves Saint-Laurent in duffle coat style, 1962
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Modern times

The cultural impact of the sixties cannot be overstated. Even nowadays we get inspired by those looks that were created then, we admire cult film stars, who have made themselves known back then, and borrow many items of clothing referring to that fashion period.

We can say that Yves Saint Laurent introduced a duffle coat in the world of high fashion once and for all. Nowadays it is a part of every catwalk and can be met in the collections of the famous fashion houses everywhere. Chanel, Givenchy, Blugirl — it seems that the popularity of the duffle coat keeps growing.

Duffle Coat Chanel
Women's duffle coat Chanel

The English fashion house Burberry produces its own duffle coat. It is a recognizable aristocratic-style coat of camel colour, with a beige checked lining, leather loops and horn toggle fastenings.

Duffle Coat Burberry
Women's duffle coat Burberry

Tommy Hilfiger designers present a less conservative navy blue and cherry-coloured horizontal striped model with wooden toggle buttons. They also have the classic navy blue model with rope loops and “fanged” buttons.

Duffle Coat Tommy Hilfiger
Men's duffle coat Tommy Hilfiger

Saint Laurent proceeds its master’s tradition of pale olive green duffle coat with subtle oblong buttons. Other designers such as Watanabe experiment with style by shifting the fastener of the duffle coat sideways as a tribute to trendy asymmetry.

Duffle Coat Watanabe
Men's duffle coat Watanabe

You could say the podium is captured by duffle coats. We can find this coat in autumn-winter collections of nearly every fashion brand. Choose any you like!

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