Men's duffle coat — an ideal choice for autumn

Men's duffle coat is an excellent coat for a cold autumn season. Unique qualities, stylish appearance and universal style make this coat an ideal choice for any man, regardless of his way of life and personal preferences.

Great qualities of a duffle coat

An original cut of a duffle coat is created to keep warmth when the weather is cold, successfully resist to dampness, wind, rain and even snow. Dense woolen fabric of a high quality possesses special characteristics — you can walk in a duffle coat in the worst weather and be sure that you won't freeze.

Autumn men’s duffle coat
Men’s Gloverall duffle coat

Voluminous patch pockets which you can easily hide your hands in and a comfortable hood which has enough room even for a cap — all these details help a duffle coat to be an ideally warm coat even for the frostiest climatic conditions.

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Universal style

Initially, the duffle coat was created only for the strategic purpose. This coat was worn by the British Royal Navy — every detail of a duffle coat was designed to provide the maximum comfort in severe living conditions on the ship.

Stright cut, typical oblong fasteners, convenient collar and hood — old salts could do and undo the coat without removing mittens, put on a hood wearing a peaked cap, put all the necessary things in the pockets.

Now, all the details of a duffle coat not only provide comfort to the one who wears it, but also indicate a certain style. Recognizable silhouette of a duffle coat became something legendary — and incredibly fashionable.

Autumn men's duffle coat and casual style
Casual look with a men’s Gloverall duffle coat

The duffle coat has kept firm positions over seasons on podiums, pages of fashion magazines and simply in the streets of the cities all over the world. You can easily combine this woolen coat with other clothes such as a business suit, jeans and sweater, and chinos and a sweatshirt.

Thanks to the comfort, the unique warm qualities, universal style and excellent appearance the duffle coat is suitable for daily life, meetings with friends, country walks and trips.

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