Women’s duffle coat — a top must-have element for the autumn season

Women’s duffle coat — a top must-have element for the autumn season

The duffle coat, a unique woolen coat for autumn-winter season, was originally created by men and for men. But after a while the duffle coat as many other elements of clothes began to be worn by women as well. As numerous pictures in fashion magazines, collections of fashion designers and looks of fashion-bloggers show, it wasn’t done in vain.

What should the duffle coat be worn with?

The duffle coat has been at the top of fashion for several seasons now. To look stunning in this coat, you should combine it with suitable elements of clothes.

If speaking about colour combinations, the following rules should be followed: choose either a duffle coat of a bright colour or bright accessories. For instance, if you want to buy a red duffle coat, choose a scarf, a hat, gloves and other details of a suitable shade.
Autumn women’s duffle coat
Short women’s duffle coat Original Montgomery

Various articles of clothing can perfectly suit the duffle coat:

  • dresses and skirts made from thick fabric;
  • tight trousers, skinny jeans and leggings;
  • loose knitted sweaters and cardigans;
  • check shirts;
  • sweatshirts, hoodies and other types of clothes.
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As for shoes, ankle boots, jockey boots, clunky shoes and wellington boots would be suitable. You can also wear pretty woolen socks.

As for accessories, big scarves and large-gauge snood scarves, knitted hats, original mittens are perfect.

Where to wear a duffle coat?

You can put on a duffle coat when going to classes or work, going out with friends and also for different types of social events. Besides, a duffle coat is good in harsher conditions too. You may wear it when going to the country side or hiking.

Fashionable and warm

Certainly, the duffle coat is preferred not only because of its style and original look. One of its main peculiarities is its ability to keep the owner warm in the coldest weather conditions.

The duffle coat will save your good spirit despite frost, snow, rain, wind and dampness.

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