What kind of style suits the duffle coat

The duffle coat is one of the most versatile types of outerwear. It is called both a coat and a woolen jacket. It is highly appreciated by fashion trends followers and connoisseurs of comfort and convenience. No wonder that this article of men's clothes "got accustomed" in various styles, from classic to glam. It is important to choose fabric, colour and decoration elements properly.

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Duffle coat in classic style

Undoubtedly, the duffle coat will perfectly fit a classical suit. But in classic style this coat is considered to be the most informal. So if you want to mix smartness of a classic look with a democratic touch, a duffle coat in combination with trousers and a jacket is for you.

Duffle coat and formal style
Formal look with a duffle coat

Duffle coat in casual style

This model of a men's coat has gained wide popularity among those who prefer casual style. Loose trousers or jeans, a pullover, a shirt which isn't tucked in trousers, a T-shirt with a shirt are the distinctive features of casual style. All these elements are comfortable and practical. The duffle coat possesses the same characteristics. Therefore it has become a representative of casual style along with sheepskin coats and pilot jackets.

Duffle coat and casual style
Casual look with a duffle coat

Duffle coat in military style

Of course, a woolen short coat relates to this style as its direct predecessor is a military uniform. And if you prefer military style, choose a duffle coat made from rough material of neutral colour: black, grey, khaki, beige, dark green or brown.

Don't forget about the corresponding elements of decoration: stripes, applications, shoulder straps, imitation of honours — everything that is able to convey the morale of the army.

Also it is important to think about footwear. Here both high boots and military boots will be suitable. But don't forget about reticence and harmony. The coat has to transfer features of the style and thus to look natural, but at the same time not to resemble a fancy dress.

Duffle coat in sports style

The clothes in sports style have stopped to be related to sport for a long time. There are jeans, sports trousers, a pullover, a t-shirt and sneakers among any man’s clothes. All these articles of clothing will look favourably in combination with a duffle coat. The only thing you should avoid is experimenting with contrasting colours. As for footwear it is better to choose leather sneakers.

Duffle coat and sport style
Sports looks with duffle coats

Duffle coat in preppy style

Preppy style is for the young, but still it is remarkable for distinct nobility. It is characterized by features of a school uniform and popularity among representatives of the most prestigious educational institutions. This elite of youth society has fallen in love with a duffle coat as well. The coat of bright colour (white, blue, red, green) made from expensive wool or cashmere perfectly corresponds to this style.

Duffle coat and preppy style
Look with a duffle coat in preppy style

Thus, the duffle coat is worn by admirers of absolutely different styles. And it isn’t surprising. After all, this article of clothing will add eccentricity, charisma, courage and youthful enthusiasm to your look. It is produced by almost every well-known brand. Fashion designers diligently experiment with fabrics and separate details, but nevertheless, the duffle coat remains invariable in its original fashion for many years.

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