Original models of the duffle coat

It’s difficult to imagine a classical single-breasted English duffle coat of camel colour and free cut in an unusual style. It seems that the most original thing that can be in this coat is its well-known fasteners — toggles, but that’s not so. Its originality is in details. There are different models with various shapes, colours, materials of fasteners that make the duffle coat unusual. For example, in some duffle coats you can see buttons made from plastic and that is considered to be very practical, but it doesn’t look that classical anymore. The buttonholes used to be leather but in modern models we often see the textile lacing.

Fabric for the duffle coat

The fabric for the coat has undergone some serious changes. At first it was the rough woolen fabric duffle, now wool mixed with synthetic material or even knitted fabric can be used.

It is better to choose those models in which the percentage of wool is high as it is the only way that you stay warm in cold weather, penetrating wind and rain.

The lining should be natural too and made of fine woolen fabric, dense cotton or viscose of good quality. How often you’re going to use your duffle coat in severe winter frost depends on the quality of the material of the lining.

Original duffle coat lining
Duffle coat London Tradition wool lining
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The shortened women's duffle coat models

Shortened women's coats are unusual models of duffle coats. They look surprisingly elegant and stylish, especially in the combination with bright colours and the classical hood. These models bring light, cheerful mood and optimism to its beautiful owners.

Original short duffle coat
Short duffle coat London Tradition

There are also some models with fur inserts — they look quite original too, and it’s especially comfortable and warm to wear them in winter. Thanks to its fur hood you are sure to keep your head warm even in the most severe frost with penetrating wind.

Unusual linings of the duffle coats

Different variants of the lining look originally. The lining is in the inner part of a coat and fits closely to the body so you can’t see it. And even such detail can be noticed, for example, when you take off the duffle coat and put it on a hanger. The linings can be of an unusual design, made of various types of materials, the colour scale and the printing can also vary. All this can be absolutely unexpected and far from the classical checked lining of the duffle coat.

Gloverall x Pretty Green original duffle coat lining
Gloverall x Pretty Green duffle coat lining with paisley pattern

Some models of the duffle coat are surprisingly similar to a sheepskin coat or a warmed jacket. However, you should keep in mind that there is nothing more original and practical than a classical duffle coat of camel colour.

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