What kind of shoes to wear with a duffle coat?

Despite the fact that a duffle coat has comfortably settled down in casual wear of a modern citizen, its naval past still shows itself. According to canons of the uniform, wellingtons are ideal footwear for the duffle coat. Owing to fashion trends of recent years, many people have a pair of stylish rubber boots in their wardrobe. But what if you are prejudiced against such footwear? It is not the reason to refuse a duffle coat. Modern trends provide different variants of combining a duffle coat and stylish footwear.

Duffle coat and men's footwear

Combat boots are another representatives of military style. They can emphasize courage and brutality of an image or can refer to rebellious student days. Colour nuances and additional accessories play an essential role here. Mountain shoes made of suede which can be noticed in combination with a duffle coat in the most biggest cities. It is a really simple and affordable variant, but rather commonplace and excessively practical.

Men's duffle coat and mountain boots
Look with men's duffle coat and mountain boots
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Classical models of men's boots are well combined with a duffle coat. No wonder, the duffle coat is worn with a business suit, thus suitable footwear will look harmonious. Of course, a woolen semi-military coat looks strange together with patent-leather oxfords, but good English brogues by Loake will perfectly fit a traditional duffle coat.

Men's duffle coat and shoes
A look with a men’s duffle coat and brogues

Desert boots are considered to be a special case of classic footwear; however, you shouldn't wear them with a suit. Meanwhile, soft democratic trousers and desert boots by Grenson will go well with a classic duffle coat.

Duffle coat and women's shoes

Duffle coat is one of those wonderful pieces in ladies’ clothes with which high-heeled shoes are completely contradictory. If you put a duffle coat on, it is worth forgetting about any stilettos.

The ideal option for stylish young ladies is jockey boots. These are high boots on a low comfortable heel. There is a great number of both demi-season and winter models, the majority of which would perfectly suit a duffle coat of both classic and fitted cut.

Women's duffle coat and boots
Jessica Alba in duffle coat and high boots
Mountain boots are quite appropriate, but at the same time you shouldn't be too fond of unisex footwear.

Wellingtons in ladies’ clothes enable to experiment with colours. The laconic black or grey duffle coat will perfectly fit red boots. But it’s better to refrain from any striped, Paisley and other glamourous patterns.

Women's duffle coat and rubber boots
A look with a women’s duffle coat and rubber boots

Duffle coat and sports shoes

Both in men's and ladies’ clothes wearing a duffle coat with sports shoes is undesirable. It is better to leave gym-shoes and sneakers to other type of clothes. And moccasins should be demoted as well.

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