Gloverall and Bastong Collaboration

Gloverall cooperates with many interesting companies, and the result is always a high quality product. In October 2017, the world saw the result of the collaboration of the British company Gloverall and the Korean brand Bastong.

There are a lot in common between Gloverall and Bastong. Both companies are valued in the market as manufacturers of high-quality outerwear, which primarily care about the robustness and naturalness of their materials.

The design of Bastong outerwear is simple and minimal. The company pays particular attention to the quality of materials and the fitting process. The main idea of the brand has always been that as a result of the selection of the best materials, a durable thing is obtained. At the same time, the focus of attention is aimed not at catchy details, but at the production process itself.

The collaboration of Gloverall and Bastong was based on a change in the silhouette of a classic duffle coat called Monty. In fact, the coat was reduced to give its design a more modern look, and the main details of Montycoat were worked out.

Duffle coats Gloverall x Bastong
Duffle Coats from the collection Gloverall x Bastong
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Line Features

For a narrower silhouette, the position of the pockets has changed a bit: they were moved forward to visually reduce the volume of duffle coat in the hips.

For the new model, designers chose the traditional Casentino woolen fabric, which is named after the area in which it has been produced since its settling by Etruscan tribes. Casentino is located in Tuscany, in the very center of Italy.

The experiments didn’t leave out one of the main details of the duffle coat — elongated buttons. Remodulating Monty, Bastong doubled the size of the buttons on this model. Bastong decided to draw attention to the naval past of the duffle coat, and therefore created buttons that look like an anchor. It was decided to make the fasteners from waxed wood and fasten to the coat with the help of a five-millimeter rope, consisting of tightly interwoven light threads. Making the cut of the classic duffle coat narrower, Bastong designers wanted the coat to retain its practical advantages.

Duffle Coats from collection Gloverall x Bastong
Duffle Coat Gloverall x Bastong in detail

About Bastong Brand

The Korean company Bastong was founded in 2011. At first, the brand produced only jackets and coats, but over the years, more and more different types of clothes and accessories appeared in the assortment of the brand. Today, the Bastong product line has a full range of casual clothing.

As mentioned above, quality is important for Bastong brand: they are engaged in careful selection of materials for their products. Fabrics come from Italy and the UK, and accessories from Japan.

Although Bastong is considered to be a luxury brand, the brand aims to make quality products accessible to as many people as possible who understand the importance of high quality clothing. The reputation of the brand is explained by the desire for a high standard, because each thing is made by painstaking work and brought to perfection. Bastong's motto is that good products with good care can last forever, and Bastong is trying to bring this thought to the masses with its activities.

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