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Duffle coat is a single-breasted coat with a straight silhouette made of a dense wool textured fabric.

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With course of time military clothes has become more popular with civilians. It is common to meet in the street a young man or even a girl in army boots or a military-style suit. This trend affected single-breasted overcoats for British navy sailors...

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The history of the duffle coat started in a more than prosaic way — the warm and windproof coat served as winter uniform for the mariners of the British navy. Since then — and it was as long ago as in the XIXth century — a lot of water has flowed under the bridge...

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Connoisseurs of a comfortable and elegant style have already taken notice of this coat which combines military, casual and classic styles. But has anybody thought of the name of this coat, the pea coat?..

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The duffle coat, as well as many other fashionable pieces of clothing nowadays, came from military clothes. Its excellent qualities probably helped to win a lot of battles — this amazing coat warmed, protected from whims of severe weather and united a great number of soldiers...

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