The Duffle coat and men’s hats — what to choose?

Such type of a men’s coat as a duffle coat has been known since the end of the XIXth century. And nowadays it increasingly gains popularity among people of the whole world. More and more men of different ages prefer a duffle coat to other types of outerwear.

But if you follow the fashion trends, do it properly till the end. When buying a duffle coat you should choose a suitable hat to match it.

However, a duffle coat can be worn without a hat at all. A large hood, which was inherited from the former military outfit of British sailors, will protect its wearer from wind, rain and snow.

Because of this very hood, it is not recommended to wear a hat with a duffle coat. But what kind of hat will suit a duffle coat? There are three types:

  • a tweed cap,
  • a beret,
  • a knitted hat.

A duffle coat and a tweed cap

If you admire casual style, a slightly flattened cap with a small peak will suit you. This type of a hat is widely popular in European countries. It was preferred even by the English aristocracy.

A cap has several advantages. Firstly, it is quite comfortable. Wherever you are, walking or driving, you won’t feel uncomfortable. It is suitable both in the off-season and in cold winter.

Tweed cap and duffle coat
Combination of a tweed cap and a duffle coat

Secondly, a cap is versatile: it looks great on men of any type of appearance and any age.

Finally, you can put a cap away into your bag or a drawer as it is small and won’t lose its shape.

Leading stylists consider a duffle coat and a tweed cap compatible. This combination completes the gentleman look.

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The duffle coat and a beret

During World War II Field marshal Montgomery preferred to wear a duffle coat with a beret. By the way, the coat has got its second name, a monticoat, after the famous commander.

Today, a beret is loved by representatives of bohemian occupations as artists, poets and directors. Strangely enough, but the duffle coat has settled down in the bohemian style.

Thus those who want to try a beret on with a duffle coat will definitely not make a mistake.

Duffle coat and beret
Bernard Law Montgomery in a duffle coat and a beret

The duffle coat and a knitted hat

If you prefer an active lifestyle and sport and your style in clothes corresponds to your hobbies, you should choose a knitted hat.

The modern market offers a great variety of it: skintights, more loose caps, etc. The main thing is to choose the one that will suit both the coat and your look.

Duffle coat with a knitted hat
Combination of a knitted hat with a duffle coat

The only model of a knitted hat to avoid is a cap with ear-flaps.

As you may see, there is a wide choice of hats. Nevertheless you should remember that a properly chosen hat not only keeps warm but also looks stylish. That means you will feel confident in any situation.

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