Duffle coat pockets features

The well-known English classical duffle coat originally was created for the military service, nowadays it’s a trend loved by stylish celebrities. For example, this coat is worn by the famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs, the singer Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, a pop star, and a lot of other popular stars. It is easy to guess that all these people have something to hide in their pockets.

However, if you turn to the history, you’ll find out that a classical English coat like a duffle coat didn’t have pockets at first because servicemen didn’t need them. But later, in a civil variant of the coat the pockets became an urgent need as there was no place to put necessary things and hands. The pockets perfectly add to the coat, as without them it looked like something was missing.

Today big rectangular pockets as important a feature of a duffle coat as toggles in the shape of walrus tusks and the hood. The size of the toggles attracts people's attention and the general look of the coat is original and unusual.
Sailors in duffle coats
British sailors in duffle coats
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Duffle coat pockets shape

The designers created the squared deep patch pockets and placed them at the bottom on each side of the coat. Probably, it is the most suitable variant to draw attention to the features of a duffle coat, its spacious of not loose forms and free style. The pockets neatly highlight the cut of the English coat, they don’t seem huge at all, and even look tiny in short models.

Gloverall duffle coat Pocket
Rectangular Gloverall duffle coat pockets

Convenience of the duffle coat pockets

What makes these pockets so convenient? The most important is that you can use them to warm your hands in cold weather. Spacious pockets will hide not only your hands, but also the mittens or gloves. They have enough space for a pack of cigarettes, a mobile phone and even for a tablet. However, you shouldn't overload them with different things either. Ironic as it is, the pockets look perfect when there’s nothing in them. They’re just an addition to the coat made by the designers. The extremely overloaded pockets will just spoil the whole look, and make the coat look baggy. We’re still talking about the classics of the English style, even in its most free alternative.

Pockets of modern duffle coat
Original Montgomery men's duffle coat pockets

Pockets with a flap

Sometimes flap pockets are used on the duffle coats. It looks quite original, makes the coat look unusual, but it’s a step aside from the classics, and the coat with such pockets looks absolutely different. Everything depends on your taste.

Are you attracted by classical or modern style? You can find everything in the model range of the duffle coats! However, the changes in the modern duffle coats are so dramatic that it’s difficult to find something in common with the original models of the English coats for sailors and for the British Royal Navy.

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