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As the duffle coat had been considered to be of a men’s fashion for too long some ladies’ elements should be added to your look so that it does not get too masculine...

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Traditional hood of a duffle coat is big enough to place a sea peak-cap under it. Nowadays there is no need for such a big hood because...

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As a piece of clothing Pea coat is a woolen double-breasted short overcoat. This outwear appeared in the British naval forces in the middle of the 19th century. Two decades later Pea coat became an indispensable accessory of American sailors’ military outfit...

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Cosy and warm duffle coats are mostly worn in autumn and in winter. It will steadily protect you from wind and rain, but there is one problem to solve: what headwear to put on?..

TAGS: Style guide

Nowadays many gentlemen who pay attention to their style and appearance choose the duffle coat...

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