Pea coat

Pea coat

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Modern women wear quite a number of clothing items that originated from men’s wardrobe. They add charm to women through stressing the fragility and elegance of their silhouette and making their looks more original.

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Connoisseurs of a comfortable and elegant style have already taken notice of this coat which combines military, casual and classic styles. But has anybody thought of the name of this coat, the pea coat?

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The Pea coat is another present from military outfit to civil fashion lovers. Though the history of this piece of clothes starts from the 18th century, now the Pea coat is going through a new wave of popularity.

TAGS: Pea coat / Interesting Facts

The Pea coat is a coat which has the naval past, popular present and quite perspective future. Having an almost three centuries’ history, the coat is more than trendy nowadays. What attracts the attention of a fashion-monger? Let’s look into details.

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As a piece of clothing Pea coat is a woolen double-breasted short overcoat. This outwear appeared in the British naval forces in the middle of the 19th century. Two decades later Pea coat became an indispensable accessory of American sailors’ military outfit.

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